Discover Abruzzo, land from the sea

Abruzzo: a region where you can find everything that you desire to spend your own free time far away from everyday life

A holiday at Hotel Maria in Abruzzo, near Pineto, besides our marvellous sea and beach, means the chance of choosing among a great variety of activities, journeys, and other things to do and see.

In July and August, Hotel Maria will be happy to offer free evening excursions by bus
This way you can choose to go and discover towns nearby or to participate in the entertaining weekly shopping tours.

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In the Monti della Laga you can find a great deal of really beautiful itineraries to follow on mountain bike: retracing the historical events of Hannibal and his arrival to Rome, you can actually go by the considered Tracciolino di Annibale, a crossing that goes from one to the other side.If you visit Crognaleto, Cesacastina, Prati delle Macchie, Colle della Pietra and Altovia you will have the opportunity to bring the healthy sport together with a vision of landscapes which nature has treated very generously.

Also, with the racing and road bikes there is no shortage of routes: more pensive people will find spectacular suggestions in the easy routes of the Adriatic, along the sea; the more daring can experience many climbs and other challenging ways of getting even closer to Gran Sasso

Because of this, really exciting curves and itineraries are also available for lovers of motorbike tourism in Abruzzo.


How not to mention the Gran Sasso d’Italia? With its Big Horn on the West side it is around 2912 meters high, and represents for us, the inhabitants of Abruzzo. a sort of big watchman who protects and watches us.
The Monti della Laga are enchanting and almost as if they were taken from a fairy tale; they are characterized by their beech, firs, chestnut and oak trees, these varieties protect the wolves, wild boars, and porcupines. In Abruzzo you can also find half of the population of the Marsican brown bear, a lovely and endangered species.

This is a land of seas and mountains, of natural parks and enchanting valleys, of 100 waterfalls and kilometres of beaches, but it also has culture: abbeys, castles, monasteries, shrines, villages and fortresses, unique monuments that have witnessed Abruzzo civilization and history.

There are countless trekking routes for every taste. You can consider tracing some of these for walking in the fresh air of so many Franciscan monasteries of Val Fino, or the hermitages of the Gran Sasso, such as the one of San Nicola di Fano a Corno, or the hermitage of Fra Nicola or that of Santa Colomba.

We shouldn’t forget the culture and folklore in so many local festivals and traditions such as Pasqua a Sulmona, where la Madonna che scappa in piazza (The Madonna running in Square) represents the touching encounter with her own Son risen and the religious spirit gives life to the whole Abruzzo community.

For lovers of horse riding you can consider getting on a horse to Sentiero Italia 100 of the horse trail of Parco Gran Sasso and from Pietracamela reaching Prati di Tivo and later through the Laghetta shelter.